Are You Psychic?
IntuitionTester software is designed to MEASURE and ANALYZE the psychic power of humans. It is based on the results of Intuition Training research published in 1995 in United Kingdom, which showed that intuition can be trained using immediate audio-visual feedback.

Since the web site launch in 2003 many people in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and other countries used IntuitionTester to measure and train their psychic strength.

Are You Psychic?

Can you see at least a few seconds ahead into the future?
Can you obtain unknown information without using the normal senses?
Do you have paranormal abilities?

Do not guess, TEST IT!

Intuition Tester. Main screen.

What you will find on this site

a. Research on human intuition and psychic abilities. (Science also uses the terms "paranormal abilities" or "ESP").

b. IntuitionTester. A software, which is designed to MEASURE and ANALYZE psychic power of humans (namely, Precognition - the ability to predict the future and Clairvoyance - the ability to get information unobtainable by any of our normal senses).

c. Free preview of music for ESP tests , addressed to people who want to develop their imagination and psychics abilities.

On some days our intuition seems stronger than on others - and sometimes it's completely non-existent.

This way we could make important decisions only when our intuition is
at its strongest!

Psychic (paranormal) intuition

... trading stocks ... lottery ... investments ... marriage ...
... career change ... planning ... real estate purchases ... travel ... gambling ...

What's common in all these activities? If you said the involvement of your intuition, you're correct!

In all these cases, and thousands of other, we try to compensate for unknown factors with our intuitive abilities.

Psychics intuition - also referred in science as "paranormal abilities" or "Extra Sensory Perception" (ESP) - is our ability to obtain information about past, present (Clairvoyance) or future (Precognition) events without using the "normal" five senses.

Scientific examples of psychic (paranormal) intuition

Here are a several scientifically-researched examples of paranormal intuition (detailed descriptions of the studies, and their references, appear in the scientific background section):

Dangerous situations
A classical study published by W.E. Cox showed that the number of tickets sold for the trains that crash is usually less than the number of tickets for similar trains on the same day of the previous week. In other words, people somehow foresee and avoid life-treating situation. Remember how abnormally few people were on the planes that crashed on September 11, 2001!) Read more

Business opportunities
A study published by Dean, Mihalsky, Schroeder & Ostrander showed that: “Eighty percent of highly successful company presidents ... scored above chance on computerized precognition tests …” Read more

Intuition Training
A study published by M. Zilberman showed that intuition can be trained using immediate audio and visual feedback after each trial in a computer-generated random series. Read more

Deviation from the random level for the trials accumulated by first and second halves of series. (posted with permission of author)

Casino success
A study published by D.Radin and J. Rebman showed that payouts in a Las Vegas casino are not constant and significantly correlate with the Earth’s geomagnetic activity and lunar cycle. Read more

A study published by M. Zilberman showed that the human "luckiness" in European numerical lotteries shows similar trends in different countries and correlates with geomagnetic activity on the day of lottery draw. Read more

This Web-site was developed for you to read about the IntuitionTester and even download your own copy of the software that was designed to measure human paranormal abilities (i.e. Precognition and Clairvoyance).

IntuitionTester was initially created for purposes of science, to find out if paranormal intuition could be trained using audio-visual feedback. (You can read the results of this scientific study here.)

Now we has made IntuitionTester available to the public in a newly-designed version, with an easy-to-use, customizable interface and multi-user support. It is currently available through “”, the Web-site you are currently at!

Please note: IntuitionTester does't measure your strength in telepathy or telekinesis. It deals only with Precognition and Clairvoyance.

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