Lotteries and Parapsychology
Facts only.

1. On September 12, 2002 Reuters, CBC and other major media companies published an intriguing lottery fact. On the 1-year anniversary of the tragic day 09/11 numbers 9,1,1 came up in a New York lottery:

This fact was even posted on Probably, just a coincidence, we can say.

Here, however, is some extra information that was not on Yahoo:

2. One year before, EXACTLY on September 11, 2001 the same numbers (with order 1,1,9) came up in Ontario, Canada.

Coincidence again?

3. On the day when American Airlines Flight 587 crashed on the New York coast, numbers 5,8,7 came up in a New Jersey Lottery. The SAME numbers appeared TWICE in one day (in afternoon and evening draws)!

Mystic? Like flying around the Earth for Middle-Age villager.

If it is not mystic, than what?

I possibly have the answer.

1. Science and lotteries.

In 1995 I published in UK an article (1995/July) about presence of the paranormal (psychic) effects in the European national lotteries.
From the scientific point of view lotteries serve as excellent material for such research, because of their gigantic statistical base, randomness of lottery draws and the applicability of the Probability theory to check results.

I found that percentage of the correct predictions in lotteries:
a. is changing,
b. is changing similarly in different countries,
c. correlates with the Earth Geomagnetic Activity exactly on the draw day, but not earlier of later.

This information makes one wonder about the reasons of the found effects. Current science cannot explain them without using parapsychology. Parapsychology, on the other hand, can offer 2 possible explanations.

Precognition model
Humans can predict future and the quality of predictions depends on environmental factors.

Psychokinetic (PK) model
Humans can influence the output of the lottery drum. And this ability correlates with the Earth Geomagnetic Activity.

My next research publication (California, 1996) showed that the PK-model describes the found lottery effects much better.

Well, you can ask, how does all this science relate to the lottery mystic we discussed at the beginning?

Very directly.

If the PK-model is correct then, the HIGHER is the number of people who bid the on one specific combination - the STRONGER is their cumulative influence and the GREATER are chances that this specific combination will appear as lottery draw outcome.

2. Numbers of players.
If you read the referred web-pages above - you may have noticed that the NUMBER of people who bet the winning combination was abnormally high.

Quotation from CBC ( )
"The winning numbers were such a popular choice that they reached the lottery's preset limit for any one combination and sold out by Tuesday evening. "

Calculations from :
Average number of winners in September 2001 was 517. Number of winners who picked 9,1,1 on 09/11/2001 - 1,181. This shows that on Sep.11 twice the average amount of people bid on the 9,1,1 combination.

Quotation from :
So many people (27,829) chose the former combination for the evening draw that the prize was a mere $16, considerably lower the average $275 payout.

3. What happened on these days.
In normal circumstances people have their own numerical preferences (birthdays, phone numbers etc.) and the numbers they mark in the lottery cards are more-or-less different. Therefore their influence to lottery output is more-or-less random. And with exception of the very fine effects I found in the European lotteries this PK-influence is invisible because all the players compensate for each other.

However if some numerical combination becomes popularized through TV or Internet - the number of people who pick this specific combination immediately overweight other people's bids. As a result, their cumulative influence on lottery output becomes much stronger in favor of this media-promoted combination.

Of course, it is only an influence. We cannot say for sure that on September 11, 2003 the combination 9,1,1 will appear again. For example in 2002 the 9,1,1 came out in Canada not on expected 09/11, but 11 days later on September 22. (

4.Inserted in September 2003.
Now we can add one more "mystical" fact to the list above. On August 30, 2003 the famous combination 9,1,1 came up in USA lottery again. It is not strange by itself. However what is weird, it came up in both California and in Pennsylvania lotteries on the same day synchronously. Please see and And again number of people who marked this combination was abnormally high.

Other days

Well, you may ask, what I should do on other days? Can I improve my chances to win in lotteries on regular days?

Yes, I believe it is possible too. In 1995 I published another research paper (UK, 1995) where I showed that human intuition can be measured and trained using special software, which I named IntuitionTester.

The major idea behind the IntuitionTester is: to test your psychic intuition before use.
For example: in lottery all decisions made are intuitive. If you are going to play the lottery - check first what your intuition is like, using the IntuitionTester. If it is good - mark the lottery card and submit. If it is not good - do not waste your money.

Of course IntuitionTester can also be used to measure your intuition before other intuition-based decisions: investments, travel, even marriage.

IntuitionTester comes with a powerful statistical module, which can analyze your previous measurements and can calculate quality of your psychic intuition on specific time of day or month. This way you can learn when your psychic intuition is at its strongest: in the morning or in the evening, if it is becoming better, while you train it, what it was last month etc.

Intuition Tester. Statistics.

If you want to read more about IntuitionTester software - please press here.

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