Intuition Tester
The Intuition Tester allows you to find answers to 3 important questions regarding your psychic abilities.

1. How strong is my paranormal (psychic) intuition RIGHT NOW?

You will get the answer immediately by completing your test (it usually takes 2-3 minutes).

If your score is higher than 55 % - your paranormal intuition is in good shape.
If your score is higher than 60 % - your paranormal intuition is great.
If your score is higher than 65 % - you are an intuition Genius!
If your score is less than 55% - it is better not rely to your paranormal intuition at this moment.

2. WHEN my paranormal intuition is usually at its best?

Intuition Tester can help you find that. It will analyze your saved data and tell you when your paranormal intuition is usually stronger. In the morning or afternoon? On a specific date or when you listen to your favorite music? With Intuition Tester you can pick up and review any saved test, build averages for any user, any day and any time.

3. What are my abilities in PRECOGNITION and in CLAIRVOYANCE?

Intuition Tester has different algorithms for testing of Precognition or Clairvoyance intuition. When you run a test, you may select what kind of the intuition you want to test. When you analyze your saved test results, you can analyze the Precognition or Clairvoyance test data independently - or combine them into one set.

All the above is done in the form of a scientific game; so you are not only performing the tests, but also having fun!

Intuition Tester has powerful customization options. It comes with a rich collection of “good" and “bad" sounds, and many backgrounds to choose from. This is an important feature of this application, as it allows you to set up the environment that appeals to you most. You can also add your own sounds and pictures, select colors for various screen elements, make them invisible, etc.

Examples of feedback images.
(Totally Intuition tester comes with 60 feedback images and you can add your own.)

"Good" image 1
"Neutral" image 1
"Bad" image 2

Examples of feedback sounds.

"Good" sound 1
"Good" sound 2
"Bad" sound 1
"Bad" sound 2

Summary of valuable information about your psychic abilities

At the end of each series Intuition Tester analyzes ALL tests you made up-to-date and presents overall statistics and comments on your results and personal abilities.

It shows:
  • if your psychic abilities are stronger in the morning or afternoon,

  • if you train your psychic abilities during the tests,

  • what your abilities for Precognition and Clairvoyance are.

  • This way Intuition Tester not only shows you how strong your psychic intuition is at the moment of test, but also allows you to learn the useful information about your overall psychic intuition.

    Picture below presents comments on your test up-to-date.

    Picture below presents the overall statistics on your test up-to-date.

    The Statistical Module of Intuition Tester can pick and display any of your saved series and build various averages. Intuition Tester may analyze your Precognition or Clairvoyance test data independently or may combine them into one set. It can tell you how has your intuition changed over time, what your intuition was 2 months ago or a year ago. Through the analysis you can determine whether your psychic intuition is better at the beginning of the test or at the end. Are you influenced by the Intuition Training Effect?

    Intuition Tester supports an unlimited number of users, and each of them can retrieve their own, specific information. You can also retrieve information and averages accumulated by all of the users.
    You can use the Statistical Module to compare your results with family, friends or colleagues - every user can save, retrieve and analyze their individual test results.

    Data saved by Intuition Tester can be opened by Microsoft ?Excel (versions 97 and higher) or Microsoft ®Access (97 and higher) for additional analysis.

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    Customization modules

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