What others are saying about the Intuition Tester, Starry Room musical album (free bonus with Intuition Tester) and other researches of M. Zilberman.

I would like to thank you all for this support, from the depth of my heart. I would love to tell people about how I feel about Intuition Tester and the music there. Once again thank you so much, and I pray for the success of your site and Mr.Zilberman. A.A.

I do also want to tell you how much I enjoy the Intuition Tester.. I wish i had found it sooner. D.S.

I am a psychic and metaphysical healer/ teacher. I have purchased this product and was impressed by its capability. The accuracy it charts is astounding. I was also deeply moved by the original vibrancy of his music, for anyone with empathic abilities, it would behoove you to experience it as I have!!! D.K.

M.Zilberman realized that numerical lotteries are a perfect way to measure the degree of ESP in a random population, because millions of tickets are sold randomly every week and results are published independently. He found one surprising result--ESP goes down as sunspots increase. He found that in 1989, the French and Russian lotteries show a statistically significant seasonal variation over many years that is the same in both countries. As an astrophysicist, Zilberman realized that the variation correlated with the 11-year cycle of solar activity. When solar activity is high, the number of correct predictions falls and vice versa.

i would like to acknowledge you on the work u have done and specially on the quality of music u have uploaded at ur side... i must say that those compositions are one of the best i have heard so far n they did give me a sense of tranqulity i was searchintg for long. i hope u people wolud continue to work for this noble purpose of enlightment. my all the best wishes r wid ur team.
Regards Ali Ahmed Siddiqui

This psychic lottery project has been gradually growing over the past two years. It is an ambitious project, intended to try to win the UK National Lottery Jackpot using psi. ... It is also based on the work of Zilberman (SPR Journal 1995), which revealed that the general population shows consistent variations in lottery winning of the order 5-15% dependent on various factors such as season and geomagnetic disturbance. ... The above studies concur that a large section of the population shows slight psychic abilities and that they all tend to do well (and badly) at the same times.

I assure equally as I have, you will be quite moved by the poignance and grace with melodic brilliance. The vibrational quality penetrates your soul as it massages your psyche to envelope more. In addition with the purchase of the Intuition Tester there is an opportunity for you to have the compilation of all nine pieces to his work STARRY ROOM....Enjoy !!!

Just bought it yesterday. Love the music. J.K.
METHODOLOGY: The study is based on the Ganzfeld and the work of Zilberman (SPR Journal 1995). From these, it is possible to conclude that it may be possible to predict Lottery numbers in advance. The project involves people being invited to try to predict winning numbers for the subsequent lottery draw using a short period of visualisation.

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